Harvey Weinstein Told Women That Charlize Theron and Renee Zellweger Performed Sexual Favors For Him

You want your movie career to be as big as the careers of Charlize Theron and Renée Zellweger? All you have to do is offer up sexual favors to Harvey Weinstein, just like they did.

Melissa Sagemiller claims that in 2000, Weinstein wanted her to “kiss and massage” him. When she refused, he told her that Zellweger and Theron would perform “sexual favors,” implying that’s how they achieved their current status.

He then asked her, “Don’t you want your career to be more than just this little teen film?” Sagemiller was filming Get Over It. While Kirsten Dunst, Mila Kunis, and Zoe Saldana went on to have big careers after the film, this is the first I’ve heard of Sagemiller.

Sagemiller says that she did kiss Weinstein, but that was it. A kiss doesn’t get you very far in Hollywood, it would seem.

In light of their names being brought up, Theron and Zellweger both responded.

Theron posted the following message on Instagram:

By saying she didn’t have “an experience like this with Harvey Weinstein” she’s pretty much denying that she ever gave him a sexual favor in return for a movie role.

Zellweger’s rep said, “If Harvey said that, he’s full of s**t.”

The timeline implies that Theron performed these sexual favors in order to land her role on Reindeer Games, which was produced by Weinstein. Zellweger had pre-2000 ties to Weinstein on A Price Above Rubies.

I doubt Sagemiller would throw Theron and Zellweger under the bus like that, bringing their names up for no reason, so I’m going to assume that Harvey said it as a way to coax women into performing sexual favors for him. And based on dozens of women accusing him of sexual harassment/assault, it sounds like it worked.

The real question is. How come Weinstein didn’t just use Ben Affleck’s name?

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