Heartwarming: Celebrities Reach out to Comfort Kid Bullied Just for Being a Huge Racist

Have you heard the term “Milkshake Duck” before? It comes from a tweet made by Twitter user and cartoonist Pixelated Boat this summer.

This phrase resonated with people instantly because it’s humorous and reminds them of reactions to people like Ken Bone, who became beloved for asking the only worthwhile question in a town hall style debate between Clinton and Trump, but who many people cooled on after seeing his Reddit history which showed him as a real person with opinions people both liked and disliked.

So let me tell you about Keaton Jones. Keaton’s mother posted a video to Facebook over the weekend showing Keaton crying about being bullied as she interviewed him, documentary-style.

The video went viral and beame a cause for celebrities, who showered the boy with attention, and, in the case of Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo, an invitation to the premier of Avengers: Infinity War next year.

Evans and Ruffalo weren’t the only celebrities to offer kind words to the distraught young man.

A GoFundMe page for Keaton’s family raised almost $60,000 in just two days, as well, showing an outpouring of love and warmth from the internet at large.

You see where this is going, right? None of you are sitting there going “What does this milkshake duck meme have to do with this poor kid being bullied in school?” are you?

We regret to inform you the bullied kid is racist. Why was Keaton being bullied? It’s allegedly because he was calling black kids the n-word, and his bullying was a reaction to Keaton’s racism. And his mother seems to show no sympathy for other people and has a Facebook history filled with Confederate flags and other general racism, which has lead to a new perspective.

Man, I wonder if all those celebrities are going to take back their support. I mean, except for Sean Hannity, he’s probably going to double down on his show tonight.

The most substantive exchange on the subject was between comedian Patton Oswalt and writer/director Max Landis.

So, one the one hand, we can all agree that bullying someone for being different or weird is bad. I mean, I’m different and weird, I can relate. On the other hand, talk s**t, get hit.

I never get tired of that video. The best part isn’t that Spencer gets punched right in his dumb Nazi face, it’s that he runs away crying.

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