Kanye West’s Gift to Kim Kardashian Outdid Everyone’s Christmas

Whatever you got for Christmas, you probably didn’t get a gift as nice as Kim Kardashian got from Kanye West. Kanye started off the holiday giving Kim a little box of all the things she likes: a Mickey Mouse doll, some Apple headphones, Adidas socks, inherited wealth and unearned fame. You know, the basics.

But Kanye being Kanye, he didn’t just give Kim the things she likes, he bought her part of the companies that make the things she likes. To the tune of roughly $300,000 worth of stock certificates in Disney, Netflix, Apple and Adidas. What did you get your girlfriend? A bracelet? Nice try, chump.

You can see from the video, which Kim seems to have deleted but will live forever on Worldstar. People broke down the prices on some of the stocks shown in the video, if you’re interested.

Kardashian West’s shared a glimpse of her stock certificates including the one for The Walt Disney Company stating the reality star had received “a gift from her husband” of 920 shares to the company that is valued at approximately $100,000.

In the caption, she wrote, “best husband alert!”

Her Christmas present also included 995 shares of Adidas stock, which has a value of $169.40 per share as of Tuesday afternoon for a total of $168,553. While it’s likely that the rapper spent about $100,000 for the rest of the stocks, Kardashian did not reveal all the values.

Kim seems to be a big Christmas person, she posted 25 Christmas pictures of her and her family to Instagram over the course of the last month, a sort of advent calendar where instead of LEGO minifigs or chocolate coins you get photoshopped pictures of impossibly gorgeous rich people.

They do have some cute kids, though.

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