Larry King: Vape God?

TMZ tracked down Larry King to get his thoughts on who should replace Matt Lauer on Today. Larry King doesn’t give a damn who replaces Matt Lauer, he just wants to get his smoke on.

Or, maybe, based on that cough, he doesn’t want to get his smoke on. Cucumber? Really? That sounds like the worst vape flavor ever. I don’t want cucumber on my eyes, in my water, or in my smoke. It belongs in a salad and in a salad only.

King, 84, used to smoke three packs a day. He gave that up though after suffering a heart attack 1987. That’s why vaping is so much better. No one has ever suffered a heart attack from bubble gum flavored vape.

And now we go live to Twitter for their reaction to Larry King getting his smoke on before going home with something to poke on.

Yeah, I think that about sums it up.

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