Matt Lauer’s Wife Flees His Giant Bag of Sex Toys

Too bad Matt Lauer doesn’t have a button under his desk to keep his wife from leaving the country, because that’s exactly what she’s done in light of the news that he’s basically spent his whole career shaking his pickle at interns. According to Page Six, Lauer’s wife Annette grabbed a bug-out and the kids and hightailed it to the Netherlands.

One Hamptons source told Page Six, “Annette has taken their two younger kids out of school and is believed to have left the US and gone to her family in her native country.” It is believed her mother lives near Amsterdam.

Apparently the last time she was going to leave him he gave her five million dollars to stay. And he also tried to keep her interested in him with a giant bag of sex toys a therapist bought for him. That’s some therapist. Most therapists just ask you about your childhood and give you some pills that kill your sex drive, but at least they stop the voices.

Dr. Laura Berman, who was a regular guest on the “Today” show, told Inside Edition Friday she reportedly gave the fallen TV journalist sex toys to help him spice up his troubled 19-year marriage with his wife, former model Annette Roque.

She claimed the 59-year-old sought advice when cameras weren’t rolling.

“We were in the makeup room and he sort of asked the makeup artist to leave,” said Dr. Berman. “He asked me about sexual aids and devices. He confided in me about some of the struggles he was having in his married relationship.”

So Matt Lauer can’t make his wife come but he was chasing every girl in the office trying to get his dick wet? That makes insanely good sense. Someone ask one of these women whom he was showing his dick to if they thought it was small. I’ll bet it is.

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