Woman’s Surgery Nightmare Ends With Plastic Spoon as a Nose

I hope you didn’t just eat. If you did, you may want to order a pizza or something because you’re up to toss-up whatever you just put in your stomach.

A woman in Thailand underwent plastic surgery to fix her nose. If you’ve ever seen the show Botched, you’ll know that not every plastic surgery operation is a success. As you’ve probably guessed, this particular operation was not a success.

Why yes, that is a plastic something or another in the middle of her head. It looks like someone stuck a food court spoon in her face and forgot to cover it up.

You see, this woman did not take too well to her cheap Thailand rhinoplasty. After the surgery, her face began to swell. Then, her face started to fall apart, revealing the plastic implant in her skin. She went to a different plastic surgeon, who removed the implant.

Unfortunately, she now has a giant hole in her face. Fortunately, there are no photos of this. If you’re weird and want to see all of the photos available, you can go here. But don’t do that. Just take my word for it.

The story says that it’s unknown whether the woman will take legal action against the original plastic surgery clinic. Girl, you better. They not only screwed up your face, they refused to fix it. Is there not a 30-day guarantee on all plastic surgeries? I feel like that should be a thing. And if it becomes a thing after this, I want full credit.

Granted, the woman probably should have elected to find a decent plastic surgeon before deciding to change her face. My guess is that “some clinic in Thailand” did not crack the top-100 plastic surgery clinics in the world.

Perhaps she should have tried Tom’s Rhinoplasty. I’ve seen their work. It’s excellent.

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