Playboy and Megan Samperi Kick Off 2018

We’re week away from 2018. Kind of snuck up on us, didn’t it?

In case you want to skip past Christmas and ring in the New Year a bit early, Playboy has gone ahead and revealed their January 2018 cover.

That’s Megan Samperi, inviting you over to pop her cherry.

Samperi, 24, is a Florida native who moved to California to pursue a career in modeling. She began modeling when she was 16 years old. Like every other model on the planet, she works out and eats healthy. She eats gluten-free, which, strike one. She likes to horseback ride and enjoys tropical settings. You can find out more about her by reading this interview she did with The Next Native.

Or, you can pick up the January issue of Playboy and read the interview she did with them. Assuming they do interviews. No one reads that stuff.

And no one is reading this post. TO THE PICTURES!

Well done, Playboy. Ol’ Hugh would be proud.

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