Rihanna Wants To End Gun Violence, Should Probably Start With Her Tattoo

Everyone is fine with guns until someone they know gets shot.

Rihanna is now speaking out against gun violence after her cousin was gunned down in Barbados after Christmas. Here’s what she posted on Instagram:

According to the local news, Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne, 21, was shot multiple times while walking around his house.

I’m all for ending gun violence, but the death of Rihanna’s cousin probably isn’t going to spark the campaign we need. Not when hundreds are dying at concerts and children are dying at schools.

Also, doesn’t Rihanna have a gun tattoo on her side? I know she said it means self-control and self-empowerment, but she really couldn’t think of something better to represent those things than a gun? Maybe she’ll update the tattoo and ink a censor sign over it.

It sucks that Rihanna lost her cousin at a young age. I don’t with that on anyone. And I hope it leads to her speaking out more against gun violence. If a dude getting shot in Barbados is the spark we need to end gun violence, let’s go. Just don’t hold your breath on this being the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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