Robotic Trump Added to Hall of Presidents, Has Already Groped 8 Robotic First Ladies

Disney World finally got their Donald Trump robot working in the Hall of Presidents and got an agreeable speech from Donald Trump, who is actually capable of sounding eloquent when his speech has been written by someone literate and there’s a producer to edit it down to something sensible. You can actually check out the full Trump speech below.

See, it’s not terrible, it’s actually kind of uplifting and holy s**t that looks nothing like Donald Trump. It kind of looks like if you put Trump’s hair on Betty White’s head. Needless to say, Twitter has had a field day with this thing. Let’s take a look.

Fun fact: Older Biff in Back To The Future II was based on Donald Trump. It was the 80’s and they wanted to show what it’d look like if an asshole rapist was suddenly rich, so naturally they thought Trump.

Of course, some people did some audio edits, laying some different Trump speeches over the Robo-Trump. There’s also like a 100% chance Robo-Trump is the end villain in a Bionic Commando remake at some point.

The delay in opening the attraction was apparently because Trump wanted to write his own speech without input from Disney, which may or may not have happened, but the speech he gave is fine, and he manages to talk for like, two whole minutes without mentioning how many people voted for him or how big his dick is. Personally, I prefer the speeches these Twitter users came up with, they’re much more fitting.

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