Rose McGowan Accuses Harvey Levin of Harassment, Continuing Her War On Dudes Names Harvey

I feel bad for Rose McGowan, she’s been through a lot. She was raped by Harvey Weinstein, and forced to keep quiet about it for years because Weinstein had the power to end her career, which, let’s face it, wouldn’t have been all that hard to do to begin with. She was also the only person naive enough to get suckered by Weinstein’s spy network. Now she’s claiming Harvey Levine from TMZ is harassing her.

Is it just me or McGowan a little full of herself? #ROSEARMY? She’s calling her upcoming memoir Brave, too, which is sort like me calling my memoir Giant Penis; it may be true, but it sounds a bit boastful. And she just got done attacking her former Charmed co-star for being friends with Georgina Chapman, Harvey Weinstein’s wife who left him when his misconduct came to light.

Here’s the thing: McGowan didn’t say how Levine was harassing her, what he was holding over her head, what he should do or not do… nothing. TMZ hasn’t run a story on her in like two weeks, and the ones they did run were favorable to her. All she did was accuse Levine of being on Weinstein’s payroll.

My guess is there is some less-than-favorable article on McGowan about to break and this is her way of getting in front of it. Pretty much until the end of time, McGowan can say anyone who says anything bad about her is on Weinstein’s payroll and it will be entirely plausible because Weinstein hired a network of spies to try and keep people from talking about his various rapes and extensive harassment of basically every female celebrity in the world.

The problem for McGowan is that the #ROSEARMY is like, 20 people. She can’t just sit on Twitter and go “yes, drag him!” every time someone annoys her because she doesn’t actually control an army of followers, and not everyone is actually on Harvey Weinstein’s payroll. She said the same thing when she got banned from Twitter for violating their rules on doxxing. I’m pretty sure that when she orders Dominos and the pizza takes more than 30 minutes she calls to complain that the delivery driver is on Harvey Weinstein’s payroll.

There’s an old joke to the effect of “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not all out to get you.” The opposite is also true. Harvey Weinstein did pay people to try and shut Rose McGowan up, but not everyone who doesn’t like her is working on his orders, she seems quite capable of burning every bridge she may need to cross in the future on her own.

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