Sarah Hyland Is Not Happy That Her Drugs Weren’t Delivered On Time

Sarah Hyland is a kidney transplant recipient and she is none too pleased with CVS. Welcome to the club, sister.

For some reason, people were pissed at Sarah Hyland for being rightfully upset that CVS fucked her over. So, she had to make this video to explain the situation.

In the end, Hyland got her medicine, talked to a rep at CVS, and thanked fans for their support.

I’m 100 percent on #TeamHyland with this one. I have to deal with CVS every week given that my wife is a lung transplant recipient. They suck. The meds are never ready when they say they are or the order isn’t refilled when it was supposed to be. I know how important it is to get certain meds, so if CVS doesn’t deliver when they say they will, or they close early like in Hyland’s case, you can see why she would be upset.

Can’t wait for Modern Family to turn this into a storyline.

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