‘Stranger Things’ Renewed for Season 3 Because Who Doesn’t Like Money?

In the least surprising news since finding out that Hollywood is full of sexual assaulters, Netflix renewed Stranger Things for a third season. Cha-ching beeyotches!

The show released season 2 over a month ago at the end of October. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch it. It’s a hair below season 1 in terms of story, but overall, one of the better shows on TV (do we still call it TV anymore?)

Netflix would’ve been idiots not to renew it. Stranger Things created buzz with season one. Season two brought in 15.8 million viewers for its first episode. Not only that, they won five Emmys this year and were nominated 18 (!) times. I believe they call this a “critical and commercial success.”

This means more cocaine for Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers on the show). Also, more models lusting after under age actors like Finn Wolfhard.

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