Taylor Swift Brought Out Big Boobs and Possibly Katy Perry For Her New Music Video

Katy Perry already admitted defeat in her war against Taylor Swift. As part of her concession, she must be publicly humiliated by Swift.

And that’s what has led to Perry potentially appearing in Swift’s music video for “End Game”. Nothing has been confirmed, but E! Online got their Hardy Boys on and followed the breadcrumbs.

Perry is reportedly appearing as a backup dancer. As you may remember, this whole feud was over a backup dancer. Remember how I said Perry would be publicly humiliated? Taylor made her a backup dancer. This is how Katy Perry dances.

The music video was shot in Miami. Perry was in Miami filming American Idol. The final clue is the music video being for “End Game” a track that features the lyrics “you and me would be a big conversation” and “you heard about me. I got some big enemies.”

Getting a former enemy to appear in the video would certainly lead to a big conversation.

Let’s take a look at the footage ourselves, shall we (video here)?

Wait….we’re supposed to believe the girl in the back is Katy Perry? I mean, they do share a similar hairstyle and that dancer certainly moves like Perry. I love me a good conspiracy theory, but I don’t know. This one might be a bit much. However, if it’s true, Taylor certainly proves to be queen.

Let’s talk about what happened to Taylor Swift’s chest. She’s wearing two push up bras to give herself some big boobs. I guess if the song is about big reputations, big enemies, and big conversations. You may as well have some big boobs to go along with those things.

Maybe that’s why she called Perry in the first place.

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