Taylor Swift’s New App Overtaken by Donald Trump Fans

Taylor Swift launched a new app over the weekend. It’s called The Swift Life and it’s extremely disappointing.

It was made by the same people who made the Kim Kardashian app. I was hoping for something just as dumb and similar. I love that game. It’s good. Don’t @ me. Instead, I got some lame social media app like I don’t already have Twitter.

And less than 48 hours after the release, the app has already been ruined by Donald Trump supporters.

You see, the app was designed to connect Taylor fans with other Taylor fans. Except, anyone can join. Even if they are not, wait for it, fans of Taylor.

They really thought this one through, didn’t they?

Donald Trump fans joined the app and started grabbing all the Taylor fans by the Meredith. It all became a giant mess with Swifties fighting on some Civil War s**t.

Posts were deleted, users were reported, and it won’t mean anything as long as people keep purchasing Taymojis and lining her pockets with money.

Taylor has been criticized by just about everyone for not speaking for or against Trump. Don’t expect that to change. Michael Jordan never let his politics interfere with his brand, because Nazis need shoes too. Just like Nazis listen to music.

This 100 percent falls on the developers for pitching a dumb idea. Give me a mindless tap/rpg app where I date famous people and write songs about them. Don’t give me another social media app when I already have Twitter. And Facebook. And Instagram. And Linkdin. And MySpace. And Tumblr. And Reddit. And the five million message boards dedicated to everything you could ever want. Including Taylor Swift.

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