Ted Cruz Doesn’t Realize He’s on the Dark Side Against Mark Hamill

Ajit Pai is the dude we can all blame if net neutrality is ended. He thinks he’s cool. He’s not. Mark Hamill agrees with me.

Got ’em.

That tweet seemed harmless enough, but here comes Ted Cruz, probably pissed that someone spoiled The Last Jedi for him, to stand up against Hamill like a modern-day Kylo Ren.

First off, this idiot spelled Hamill’s name wrong. Second, he completely lost the plot. And Mark Hamill let him know it.

Butthurt, Cruz tried to continue to quote movies.

Does Ted Cruz even know what he’s arguing for? I’m willing to bet he doesn’t. He’s going to find out real quick when he’s paying for porn like we’re stuck in the 1990s. Hamill didn’t bother to respond to those tweets by Cruz because why bother? Cruz will just respond with another Star Wars quote like that’s supposed to impress the actual face of the franchise.

I like how Ted Cruz thinks he’s cool when he’s literally arguing with one of the biggest pop culture heroes in history. Like, dude, you’re on the dark side.

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