NBC Wants to Revive ‘The Office’ Without the Star of ‘The Office’

NBC is trying to revive The Office. Here’s the report from Variety:

NBC is in early talks to revive “The Office,” sources tell Variety.

Series star Steve Carell would not be involved in this new installment,

I don’t know what the rest of the report says because I stopped reading right there. If Carell isn’t part of it, why are they moving forward? The show already overstayed its welcome after Carell left, I don’t need more seasons of The Office without Michael Scott.

And didn’t they try to spin-off the show already with The Farm starring Dwight Schrute? But no one cares because Dwight is an ignorant slut without Michael Scott.

This has the potential to be worse than whatever that Netflix season of Arrested Development was. You know the one I’m talking about. Where none of the characters are together because they all moved on to other projects? Let’s not do that with The Office.

If. And this is a big If. If, they can get everyone on board, then go for it. I don’t know what the story would be given that every character moved on to better things and would have no reason to start working at a paper company again. But if the original cast is back, go for it. Maybe they all went broke investing in Woof and are now back at Dunder Mifflin.

But it’s already been said that Steve Carell isn’t on board. So, don’t do this, NBC. Don’t you even dare do this.

Instead, bring back Undateable because NBC pulled the plug on that show far too early and I don’t think anyone from that cast is doing anything important anyway.

Don’t revive The Office. Just make sure it stays on Netflix. Why does Netflix pull shows everyone loves anyway? Stop doing that, Netflix.

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