Trump Fires Omarosa For The Fourth Time, This Time Off Camera

Did you know President Trump hired Omarosa Manigault, the former The Apprentice breakout star, to be a part of his White House staff? That’s a thing that happened. Now, she had basically the same role that Barack Obama had hired Kal Penn to do, which is essentially a PR role. Her actual title is Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, or, informally, Donald Trump’s Black Friend.

I should say that was her title, because last night, while we were all watching in awe as Doug Jones upset Roy Moore in the Alabama special election, proving that centrist Democrats are just barely more palatable than pedophiles, Omarosa was fired, effective January 20.

But oh, guys, the drama. Apparently Trump’s White House is every bit the reality show spectacle we thought it would be. Because after being fired, Omarosa tried to get into the residence in the White House to speak to President Trump directly. John Kelly, Trump’s Chief Of Staff who actually did the firing, had to have the Secret Service forcibly remove her from the premises. Seriously, all this needs is a glass of wine thrown in someone’s face and a few confessional scenes and it could be on E!.

And because this is a reality show spectacle, I’m going to let Twitter do some coverage of it.

I’m sure Omarosa will be fine exploring her “other opportunities”. Probably something on VH1. You know, the way White House staffers normally float between the administration and reality TV. Maybe Trump will make our South Park dreams come true and hire Caitlyn Jenner to replace her.

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