50 Cent is an Accidental Bitcoin Millionare

Bitcoin hasn’t entirely crashed yet, which means that if you have had Bitcoins for a long time, they’re still probably worth more than they were when you bought or mined them, despite losing around half of their value between last month and today.

The first purchase of an actual real-world good with Bitcoin was when someone spent 10,000 of them to buy 2 pizzas. At the time, 10,000 Bitcoin were theoretically worth around $40, meaning a single bitcoin was around four-tenths of a cent. This was in 2010 and the thought was essentially that a pizza place had just given away two pizzas.

A few years later, rapper 50 Cent accepted Bitcoin as payment for his album, Animal Ambition, and he got about 700 of them, which he then promptly forgot about. TMZ reported that he still has them, and that today that’s a cool 14 million – I mean 12, no 10, wait, hold up… a cool 7 million American dollars.

You might know 50 Cent went bankrupt in 2015, which wasn’t helped by low sales of Animal Ambition. Having taken payment in Bitcoin, however, means that the inflationary bubble Bitcoin is in made him a lot of money for assets he had forgotten about.

I hope 50 spends that s**t fast, because Bitcoin has been holding its value about as well as those Franklin Mint collectible plates or copies of that comic book where Superman died.

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