Amber Rose Chopping Off Her Big Boobs

I’m just going to leave this here without comment.

Alright, I’ve been told that I must comment.

Amber Rose hates God and is getting a breast reduction surgery. Why do you hate the way God made you, Amber? Women always say, “you don’t need implants or makeup or plastic surgery. You’re beautiful just the way God made you.” Nine out of ten times it’s a beautiful woman telling that to an ugly woman.

Amber Rose is a beautiful woman and God made her a boss bitch for a reason.

All that said, I’ve never had big boobs. I’ve been told by women with big boobs that they can be very uncomfortable. It’s like a guy complaining that his penis is so big that it makes walking tough. Complaining about your boobs being too big is a humble brag the size of Pamela Anderson’s boobs.

Amber plans to do a lot of running around with her new sex toy company. And her boobs are just going to get in the way of that. I would think that they would help sell her company to potential customers, but what do I know. I’m just a man who knows that other men like boobs. We think it’s funny to turn numbers on a calculator into the word “boobs.” That’s how obsessed we are with them.

The good news is that Amber will continue to let her boobs free, even if they are a bit smaller. She commented in the video that she’s looking forward to wearing spaghetti straps following he reductions.

Rose is currently a 36H cup size.

Ok, she got me. Maybe that is a bit too big. But God does not make mistakes.

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