Bella Thorne Likes Weed More Than Doing Movie Press

Bella Thorne is at the Sundance Film Festival, being famous. Oh, she also stars in some film called Assassination Nation. I’m sold based on the title alone. I assume it’s an all out murder brawl, which sounds awesome.

Anyone who knows Bella knows that she’s not exactly the most mild-mannered person in the world. She hates when mudslides keep her from her boyfriend, hung out with Scott Disick for far too long, and loves Instagram.

She’s also made no secret about the fact that she loves weed. Then again, who doesn’t love weed?

All of this is to say that Thorne and her crew were kicked out of their hotel for smoking weed. They were staying at the Park City Marriott when one of her crew members was busted for hitting the bong.

None of this seems too bad. They were kicked out of the hotel, so what? Funny thing about smoking weed. It makes you not want to do anything. Here’s what a source told Page Six about Bella and how smoking affected her Sundance commitments.

“They were seen rushing out of the hotel hours before the premiere. There were so many bags, they needed a trail car to carry them. She called in sick for most of her press interviews on Monday. She canceled everything in the morning.”

That’s probably a bad look. Hollywood doesn’t exactly frown on weed smokers. Seth Rogen’s whole career is based on his love for weed. But when weed takes precedent over work, that’s when Thorne might run into some trou….

Haha, sorry, I could not finish that sentence. Weed won’t be the downfall of Thorne’s career. Her choice in men, on the other hand, that will almost certainly screw things up.

Yeah, this dude is going places.

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