Bella Throne Was Physically and Sexually Abused as a Child

The Golden Globes were yesterday. It went pretty well if you were Harvey Weinstein and a fan of sexual harassment. Not much was said about what went down over the past few months unless you went on Instagram and Twitter where people like Rose McGowan were pissed over the black dress “statement” which didn’t mean shit to her and Bella Thorne was opening up about being physically and sexually abused as a child until she was 14.

She went on Twitter to explain that she didn’t know what was right and wrong at that age.

She didn’t name names which doesn’t make much of a difference because people like Harvey Weinstein are already planning to make a “big comeback” and Gary Oldman is winning his first Golden Globe despite calling the event “meaningless”, defending Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade and a claim by his ex-wife in 2001 which stated Oldman hit her in the face with a telephone receiver 4 times in front of their kids.

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Loup Tigris

Rob, shut your relic mouth! you are old already brah, let the new douche bags on the block have their marry ways like you did and the rest of your kind that are now has been, back in the days!

kim bunchalastnames

bella’s casting herself as lindsay lohan in her own private stage play.


What idiot would have anything to do with this? She’s a moron.

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