‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Is Having a Big Bang Blowup

The not always reliable Radar Online is reporting that there’s a big bang between the cast of the Big Bang Theory.

According to the report, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are none too pleased that co-star Jim Parsons makes $27 million and is the highest paid actor on television.

“They all used to pal around when the show first started, but not anymore,” the insider alleged. “Now they are at each other’s throats.”

“Everyone’s moving in different directions these days,” said a source. “It’s no longer a tight-knit group.”

Parsons is banking a ton of money from the show and the spin-off Young Sheldon. Kaley Cuoco believes she’s the real star. And she’s right. Nerds watch that show. Seeing someone as hot as Cuoco makes them believe they have a chance with a hot chick.

Newsflash, nerds. You can’t be with a girl as good looking as Kaley Cuoco if you stay at home watching The Big Bang Theory all day.

Can someone put this show out of the nation’s misery? It’s been on the air for ten years. No show remains good for ten years. I admit to liking the show back in the day, but I was young and dumb. I’m ten years older now and I realize that who the hell still uses a laugh track in 2018?

Now, everyone is moving on to different projects. Cuoco can get whatever job she wants because she’s a big star and attractive. Roseanne is rebooting for some reason, so Johnny Galecki can walk into that and be on another unnecessary show with a laugh track. And Parsons can keep making bank by running CBS.

As for the other guys and girls, no one cares about them anyway.

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Josh Gordon
Josh Gordon
5 years ago

If thats true then thats just hysterical. How much money have both have you made, Kaley and Johnny, throughout the entire course of the Big Bang Theory? And you still want more? I think they were both being paid absurd amounts anyways and they are actually bitching about it? See hysterical.

5 years ago

Parsons is a F****T