Bill Belichick Is Screwing Over the New England Patriots and Tom Brady According to Colin Cowherd

As an avid sports fan. I do my best to avoid the likes of Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless. Neither has anything good to say and they both built their reputation by screaming hot takes at the lowest common fan. These two became the highest paid sports authorities the same way Donald Trump became president.

Unfortunately, this post is about Colin Cowherd. Thus, it’s about some dumb stuff.

Cowherd claims that Bill Belichick wanted to start Jimmy Garoppolo over Tom Brady this season. You know, six months after Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl. Yeah, Belichick wanted to start an unproven backup over the greatest quarterback in history, fresh off the greatest Super Bowl comeback in history.

Makes total sense, right?

According to Cowherd, it does. Cowherd has this story sourced, but really he’s spouting a theory based on Belichick trading Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett “for nothing.” Cowherd’s theory is that he’s angry at Bob Kraft for stepping in and telling Belichick that he has to start Brady. To get back at Kraft, Belichick trades the two young quarterbacks, and then leaves the organization when Brady retires, which will be in 10 years based on how awesome this guy is. Thus, Kraft and the Patriots are left with no good quarterbacks, no head coach, and no general manager.

Oh yeah, Belichick is trying to ensure that his offensive and defensive coordinators take head coaching jobs elsewhere, as well.

It all makes sense if you love a good conspiracy theory. And hey, I love a good conspiracy theory.

What I don’t love is Colin Cowherd. Had this come from anyone else, I’d probably sarcastically buy it. Since it’s from Cowherd, I’m just going to get angry that people will believe it’s true.

That Bill Belichick is really sticking to the Patriots. Giving them five Super Bowls and everything. Who cares how he leaves the organization. Bob Kraft has people counting his cash for him because one hand is weighed down by five rings.

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