Bill Cosby Surprises People at Jazz Club. Not That Kind of Surprise

If you were at the LaRose Jazz Club in Philadelphia on Monday night, you were treated to the comedic stylings of a serial rapist.

Lucky you.

Bill Cosby made a surprise event at the venue, playing a little jazz music and telling stories. You know, the things normal people do. Not the things people accused of multiple rapes do.

He made jokes about being blind, saying, “You laugh when blind people walk into things. And guess what? Blind people laugh when sighted people fall down.”

There was also this exchange:

“Who am I?” Cosby asked the boy.

“Bill Cosby,” Boone replied.

“And what do I do?” he said

“A comedian,” Boone said.

“I used to be a comedian?”

That boy had to be a plant. There’s no way they would have risked that boy saying, “a rapist” when asked what Cosby does. That would have been awesome, though.

Cosby’s representatives alerted the media to his performance two hours before he took the stage. Along with this appearance, he’s been doing public appearances at restaurants, bakeries, and barbershops.

It’s obvious what Cosby is doing. He kept a low profile prior to the first trial and tried to garner sympathy by saying he was blind and letting everyone know that he had been abandoned.

This time, he’s trying to humanize himself and remind the world that he’s Bill Cosby and he’s funny, damnit.

Cosby already got away free once by garnering sympathy, so I have to credit his team for making the proper halftime adjustments prior to the retrial. They know that sympathy isn’t going to work again, so they’re changing things up.

Will it work? Probably. Americans are suckers for comeback stories and this is the ultimate comeback story.

You can’t fool me, Cosby. Not that you’re trying to. I’m not your type.

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