Click Here If You Want to Throw Up in Your Mouth and Then Serve It as Food

Remember a few years ago when premastication was a thing? Alicia Silverstone did it and then the whole world did it for some reason.

Well, we’ve decided to add the middle man. Here’s a woman “cooking” in her mouth, spitting it into a bowl, and then serving it to you to eat.

This woman is making Christmas Turkey Stuffing. That’s a real thing. What’s not a real thing is chopping up food with your mouth and then serving it to people. To make things worse, this lady mashes everything together with her hands. Lady, where the hell have those hands been? If you’re sick enough to put food in your mouth, spit it out, and then serve it to me. I assume you’re sick enough to go to the bathroom, not wash your hands, and touch my food.

I don’t care if this thing cooks in the oven. I’m not eating anything that has already been in someone’s mouth.

This woman should be locked up for posting this video.

Let’s just forget this every happened and re-start 2018.

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