Chris Pratt Compares Killing His Pet Lamb to ‘Turning Off the TV’

Chris Pratt has been telling the world about what he eats for awhile now. You may recall the “Whats My Snack?” instagram episodes that he began posting early last year.

Pratt has been kind of quiet on social media following his split from Anna Faris, but now he’s back to tell you all what he puts in his mouth.

Pratt mentions that he’s having some delicious “fresh farm-to-table lamb” before saying, “They are the happiest lambs on the planet, they are so sweet and then one day they wake up dead and they’re in my freezer.”

He apologizes to any vegans out there, but he doesn’t seem all that sorry. Especially when this was his follow up post on Instagram.

Look at all this glorious food! We will eat off him for a month. His wool is becoming yarn as we speak. He lived a very good life. He was groomed and shorn, his hooves medicated, de wormed, no antibiotics necessary. Surrounded by laughing loving humans, including children to whom they provided such joy. Nuzzled, pet and loved every day. No stressful travel to his final destination. Trauma Free. Just a touch of a usda certified wand to his head and he goes to sleep. The other sheep don’t even notice. It’s like unplugging a tv. Then Wocka my butcher works his magic.

As you probably guessed by now, vegans were not happy with Pratt.

Look, vegans. Someone was going to eat those lambs. Not you, because that’s not what you do. But some fat dude was going to spend $50 on some overpriced lamb, eat it without a second thought, and then wash it down with a watered-down whiskey and Coke. Pratt gave that lamb a good home and ensured that it did not go to waste. Don’t be angry at him because he enjoys meat. Be angry that the millions of people who waste meat on a daily basis. Those are the real villains here.

Yeah yeah, Pratt should have chosen his words a bit better and not seemed so happy. The man is going through a divorce. Being overly happy to mask his pain is what divorced people do. Don’t take it as him enjoying killing these lambs and eating them. Take it as him being so heartbroken over Anna Faris that he’s killing lambs and eating them.

Without Chris Pratt, dinosaurs would be eating all the vegans right now. Show some damn gratitude.

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