Chrissy Teigen Hates Logan Paul

Chrissy Teigen can’t stand Logan Paul. Join the rest of the world. By now, you know that Logan Paul released a video where he went to Aokigahara Forest in Japan and came across a suicide victim hanging from a tree. Because everything has to be shared, he filmed it and put it up on YouTube. People went crazy, Paul issued an apology on Twitter, then also put up an apology video on YouTube. Of course, he appeared to monetize that apology video because he’s a douche.

Now, there’s another video of him going around Japan disrespecting the countyr. In it you see him doing dumbass things like fishing in a koi pond and tossing coins at a temple while people are praying.

Chrissy Teigen stepped in and offered her own thoughts.

tokyo is so fucking beautiful and so fucking kind. so fucking wonderful. there is no place like it in the world. I thought the suicide video was the stupidest thing he did but no.

Can’t wait for the Teigen army and the Paul army to square off. Of course, Paul will likely use this to gain even more popularity, maybe head over to Teigen’s place and try to film himself getting in or something stupid like that. It’ll be awesome watching security tase him if he does.

Since Logan Paul is so foul, here are pics of Teigen to cleanse your palate.

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