Chrissy Teigen and Mckayla Maroney Are the #MeToo Dream Team

Months ago, McKayla Maroney came forward and revealed the sexual assault against her while she was part of USA gymnastics. The man she accused, Larry Nassar, was accused by over 100 people. He appeared in court on Tuesday to hear statements from victims. The statement taking will be a four day process.

Holy s**t. If you need four days to take all of these statements, you don’t need to take any statements. Just put this dude in the tiniest prison cell you can find with no interactions with anyone. Give him one Pringle a day – I chose one Pringle because, once you pop, you just can’t stop. Giving a person just one Pringle a day is the most torturous thing I could imagine – and a shot of water.

Maroney will not be allowed to give her statement due to a non-disclosure agreement that would cost her $100,000 in fines if she were to break it. Life hero Chrissy Teigen is willing to pay this fine for Maroney.

This should be the end of the story, but it’s far messier. USA Gymnastics claims that Maroney can speak freely on the subject without the fear of a fine.

“(USA Gymnastics) has not sought and will not seek any money from McKayla Maroney for her brave statements made in describing her victimization and abuse by Larry Nassar, nor for any victim impact statements she wants to make to Larry Nassar at this hearing or at any subsequent hearings related to his sentencing. This has been her right and USA Gymnastics encourages McKayla and anyone who has been abused to speak out.”

Alright, this should be the real end of the story. Yeah, it’s not. Here’s what Maroney’s attorney had to say.

“USA Gymnastics finally acknowledges that the gag order they forced on Ms. Maroney and her attorney was unenforceable. Sadly, USA Gymnastics continues to make misrepresentations about Ms. Maroney. They say McKayla has “always had the right to speak.” Not true. Under the agreements terms she could not speak in court unless subpoenaed. She could not even have her statement read without fear of a lawsuit against her by USAG. A victim impact statement is a voluntary act. It’s not a subpoena.

Let’s be clear. The only reason this statement was issued is because people were outraged at USAG’s behavior toward Ms. Maroney and her family. So outraged that people were kindly offering to pay the six figure USAG penalty so McKayla could speak. Everyday Americans get that no one should be silenced about child molestation. This is especially true when the abused is a young athlete who competed in the Olympic Games for our country and brought honor and dignity to our nation. It is truly sad that USA Gymnastics and the USOC didn’t and don’t get it. They have no choice to relent because the cleansing sunlight of truth is shining upon them and they can no longer hide their misdeeds.”

To recap, USA Gymnastics is trying real hard to absolve themselves of any wrongdoings, even though they hired this Nassar guy and someone likely knew what he was doing. Maroney’s attorney is calling them out on their bullshit.

Maroney has not said anything else about her experiences with Nassar, but the original story says enough. She did, however, thank Chrissy for her gesture.

“I’m not on social media right now, but I wish I was for this! I’m shocked by your generosity, and I just want you to know how much hope your words bring to all of us! I just can’t get over the fact that someone I don’t personally know is sticking up for me, let alone a strong woman that I’ve looked up to for years!

Thank you Chrissy, you’re so inspiring, and things are starting to change because of people like you! Just saying that was worth the decision to speak up regardless of a fine. You’re heart pure gold. God bless. All my love, McKayla”

So, back to my original plan of putting this dude in a tiny prison cell and feeding him one Pringle a day. We’re all in favor of that, right?

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