Corey Feldman Charged With Sexual Battery

Corey Feldman has been at the forefront of Hollywood vs. Sexual Predators. He even named a handful of them years ago when he was questioned as part of Michael Jackson’s case.

Takes one to know one?

According to TMZ, a woman went to the LAPD and accused Feldman of grabbing her ass in early 2017. Hey, so this is actually a recent incident. The LAPD will investigate the charges, but this one seems a little hard to prove. I’d imagine thousands of women get their ass grabbed every day. It could have been Corey Feldman who grabbed this woman. Or, it could have been the guy sitting next to you while you’re reading this.

Even if he didn’t grab this particular woman’s ass, he’s definitely grabbed an ass without a woman’s permission in his life. We all have. Because we’ve all been in high school.

Feldman, or course, denies the charges. Come on, dude. Just admit you’ve grabbed an ass in your lifetime, apologize, and move on. No one is going to look at your different for this because no one respects you anyway.

I’d say Feldman will throw some cash this girls way and all will be forgotten, but that implies Feldman has cash to give her.

We’ll see where this goes. Probably the same place Feldman’s career has gone for 20 years. Nowhere.

Wait. I have one more.

Corey Feldman. More like Corey…Felther. Right? Right?

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