Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers Going From 0 to 200 Real Quick

Olivia Munn is moving on with Chris Pratt and it appears that Aaron Rodgers is moving on with Danica Patrick.

Poor Anna Faris.

According to Terez Owens, Danica flew to Green Bay last week to meet with Rodgers. And this week, he flew to Indianapolis to meet Danica’s parents. They’ve been reportedly dating for like less than a month, so it seems a bit too early to be meeting the parents. But Danica is (allegedly) a race car driver, so moving fast is kind of her thing.

Of course, crashing is also her thing. So, good luck, Aaron.

Danica has essentially retired from racing, saying she only has two races left in her. That’s about 15 combined laps based on how she drives. She hasn’t announced which races she’ll participate in, but my guess is that it’ll be the Daytona 500 and then some race no one else will want to participate in.

With her career ending at 35, Danica needs something else to do. Ruining the final seasons of Aaron Rodgers career worse than Mike McCarthy is the next logical step.

Maybe Danica will be able to bring Aaron back together with his family. They reportedly did not like Olivia Munn, who at least had her s**t together and can be a movie star for another 10+ years. Maybe they’ll like Danica, who is without a career, hot-headed, and used to ruining days, a bit more.

Probably not.

Aaron clearly has a type. If they ever made a movie about Danica Patrick (they shouldn’t), Munn would have to be the favorite based on looks.

We’ll see where this goes.

Into the wall. That’s definitely where this is going. Thank God Aaron is sponsored by Nationwide. Those discount double checks are going to pay off in a big way.

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