Demi Lovato Wants Her a Piece of Henry Cavill and Is Making No Secret About It

Demi Lovato is tired of chasing mediocre MMA fighters. She’s now turned her attention to Superman.

Here’s the timeline, all of which happens in the span of 30 seconds:

*Demi follows Henry Cavill on Instagram.

*Demi likes this photo of Cavill on Instagram:

*Demi posts this photo of herself on Instagram

30 seconds, folks. All of that went down in less time than it take your to brush your teeth. This is quite possibly the most well-calculated Instagram series of events in history.

Oh, but there’s more.

Demi continued her liking spree by liking this photo of Cavill:

And then went on to post this photo of herself:

If it isn’t obvious, Demi is thirsting after Cavill the same way high school boys thirst after Demi. And you know what, more power to her. You have to respect a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t messing around when it comes to going after it. And if you’re Cavill, how are you turning that down? You can roll around with her on the grappling mat and then….just….roll around with her.

We’re overlooking the real story here. What big news is Demi alluding to in her Instagram post where she’s wearing lingerie? Is she announcing her own lingerie line? If her lingerie line is called “Superwoman,” then we’ll know with 110 percent certainty that she wants to change in a phone booth with Cavill. As for now, we can only say with 100 percent certainty that she wants to find out if he’s faster than a speeding bullet.

In googling Henry Cavill, it does appear that he has a girlfriend. He’s been dating stuntwoman Lucy Cork for about a year and there is no evidence that the two have broken up. Maybe she’s open to the first ever triple threat grappling match?

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