El Chapo Wants to Prove His Innocence by Not Killing Jurors

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is about to enter federal trial. If you don’t know who “El Chapo” is, umm, where have you been? He’s the drug/crime lord who is facing charges of murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking. I’m sure Erykah Badu can find the good in him.

Ahead of the trial, he has promised not to kill any of the jurors. Well, that’s good.

Guzman’s attorney, A. Eduardo Balarezo, doesn’t want the jurors to be kept anonymous or under protection, because that would give the appearance that his client is dangerous. Ummm, his client is dangerous?

Prosecutors initially requested that jurors be sequestered, saying, “the defendant has demonstrated the ability to bring substantial resources to bear, even while confined, in his efforts to subvert justice. He was able to arrange the construction of a tunnel into his prison cell in order to escape.”

The judge has yet to make a ruling on the motion, but, come on. This seems like a layup.

Guzman has not only hired hitmen to kill witnesses and informants in the past, but he’s escaped prison multiple times. Based on that information, I’m not sure being anonymous and having protection will be enough for these jurors. If we’re ever going to try out robots as jurors, now would be the time.

Why haven’t we tried robots as jurors yet?

The prosecutors also want Guzman to surrender $14 billion dollars that he made while trafficking drugs. I wouldn’t ask him. Just go take that s**t. He’s not exactly in a position where he can do anything about it.

I would just like to state that I am not a juror in the case. And even if I were, I wouldn’t tell you. But I’m definitely not.

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Crotch Mushrooms
Crotch Mushrooms
6 years ago

So…. instead of putting a bullet in his head, they keep him alive to murder jurors and witnesses? What a s**t hole.