Gigi and Bella Hadid Wear Each Other on Magazine Cover

Let’s get right to the photo, shall we?

Why yes, that is Bella and Gigi Hadid, naked together on the cover of British Vogue. For some reason, people are very disturbed by this.

That’s a good point, actually.

Not everyone was upset.

There’s always one.

I don’t see the big deal. This is no different than when siblings bath together. Ok, so they are older and in public, but this was their decision. Pretty sure they are old enough to say no if they were uncomfortable with it.

I have a bigger issue with the photoshop. If you’re going to have these women pose nude, don’t photoshop them to look like ugly mannequins.

If you prefer your Hadid sisters clothed and not photoshopped, British Vogue released separate covers of the sisters.

People seemed to enjoy these covers a lot more.

I don’t see the big deal. I’d be more disgusted seeing Gigi making out with Zayn Malik on the cover. No one needs that.

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