Harvey Weinstein Got Slapped In His Dumb Rapist Face

Paul Revere. John Adams. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Audie Murphy. Pat Tillman. Some dude named Steve. These are some of the greatest men our nation has ever known.

What exactly did some dude named Steve do to join these hallowed ranks of America’s finest? He slapped Harvey Weinstein right in the face. Boy that sounds life-affirming, doesn’t it? Would you like to see Harvey Weinstein get slapped in his dumb, smug rapist face?

Ahh, that’s the stuff. According to TMZ, who received the video, Steve might unfortunately not be quite the hero he appears to be when he backhands Weinstein across the face, calls him a piece of s**t and instructs him to leave the restaurant.

One of the men — Steve — tells TMZ he walked up to Weinstein and told him he loved his movies and would like to take a photo with him. Steve says Weinstein became belligerent and told him to buzz off. The manager of the restaurant says Weinstein was not belligerent — she says to the contrary he was “very sweet about it” and said, “I’d rather not take a picture right now.” The manager says the two shook hands and Steve went back to his table.

Obviously, Steve later decided he wasn’t a fan of Weinstein at all, and told him he was a piece of s**t “for what he did to those women” and presumably what he tried to do to Snowpiercer.

But I can’t be sure if Steve slapped Weinstein for the same reason Paul Sorvino wants to hit him or just because Weinstein is an asshole, the reason Jason Priestly hit him. It casts a shadow over the incident. I don’t know if Steve is actually a hero standing up for decency or if he’s just some drunk guy mad he didn’t get a selfie. I need to see an unambiguously good face punching to put me back in my good mood.

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. I want to light some candles, turn up the heat, crawl into bed with that video and just take things slow.

As for Steve, well, Weinstein declined to call the police, because if you’re Harvey Weinstein pretty much the last thing you want is the police knowing where you are.

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Esmee Phillips
Esmee Phillips
3 years ago

Maybe Weinstein didn’t call the police because he isn’t a self-applauding praiser of gratuitous violence- from a safe distance?

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