Idiot Wants Selfie in Front of Moving Train, Train Wins

Selfie. Pose. Selfie. Pose. Selfie. Hit by a train.

The man in the video above is named Shiva. He is a bad judge of how big trains are. Despite this train laying on the horn and telling the idiot to move, he stands there with a big smile on his face, pointing. The incident took place in the Lingampally area of Hyderabad, India. But really, it could have occurred on any railroad track around the world, so let’s not pretend that India is special.

He clearly thinks the train is going to zoom right by him and that he’s taking the most awesome video ever. Instead, the train runs his ass over. The dude didn’t survive. His friend, the guy screaming at him to move, just thought this death was so funny that he decided to upload it to the internet for everyone to laugh at.

Kidding. The man survived. He has some head injuries and is now known as Not Superman. I guess this guy was hoping to get railed by Wednesday’s train hottie.

India is apparently the Selfie Death Capital of the World. 60 percent of selfie related deaths have taken place in India. 100 percent of selfie related deaths are the result of stupidity.

The funniest part of this is DailyMail calling the guy “a thrill seeker.” Right. Cause thrill seekers purposely get hit by trains. That’s a thrill to them. This dude is just a moron.

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It's me
It's me
5 years ago

Wow so impressed
Even if he succeeded without getting hurt who would care or think he is “cool”?
Even if his Big head managed to stop the train he would still be an idiot.
There is no scenario where this guy would be “cool” or impress anyone. (Ok maybe if he saved a baby on the tracks but taking a selfie proves he is a Dbag & being hit proves he is a dumb Dbag