I’ll Take ‘Jeopardy!’ Production Halted For $500, Alex

Jeopardy! production has been halted. What is Alex Trebek is recovering from surgery?

The good news is that it sounds like Trebek is doing well. The bad news is that a subdural hematoma sounds like the most painful s**t ever. Luckily, the surgery was a success and Trebek is on the mend.

Taping will resume in mid-January and nothing really changes. Except, the College Championship. It was supposed to tape in early January, but due to Trebek’s recovery, has been pushed to March. It will air in April. They can just tie it in with the NCAA College Basketball tournament and things will be fine.

Trebek is no stranger to surgery and health scares. He had a mild heart attack in 2012. Wait, what is a mild heart attack? If I ever have a heart attack, it better be classified as the most dangerous heart attack to ever hit a man. Don’t lessen my survival by calling it a “minor heart attack.”

Trebek also underwent knee surgery in 2015. How does this man have bad knees and a bad heart from standing around and giving answers all day?

Whatever, Trebek is still the man. He knows the answers to everything, even if you change the questions. At 77 though, his time as Jeopardy! host is coming to an end. We’re going to need a man to fill the shoes that no man can fill. And there is only one man for the job.

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