Ivanka Trump Is Just Trolling Everyone Now

Ivanka Trump is either severely tone deaf or she’s trolling everyone. After Oprah’s impassioned speech at the Globes, Ivanka tweeted about how inspirational it was and for everyone to come together.

This was confusing considering her father has been accused of sexual assault and even rape by a plethora of women. Maybe she hadn’t heard about that yet. Someone should tell her.

And I’m not exactly sure which part empowered or inspired her since she’s still enabling her dad by working with him and not saying s**t. Maybe it was the part where Oprah talked about the kidnap and rape of Recy Taylor. Ivanka and her dad must have loved the part where the six white men who did it weren’t even prosecuted. “Make America great again,” her dad probably said as he attempted to memorize the National Anthem before saying “f**k it.”

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