Logan Paul Now More Hated With Racist Japan Video

Logan Paul is famous for some reason. I’m too lazy to track his rise as it doesn’t even matter since it’s come crashing down in a stupendous ball of schadenfreude.

After coming under fire for posting a video of a dead man hanging from a tree in the Suicide Forest in Japan, a new video has gotten his haters feeding off his delicious stupidity.

The video, also filmed in Japan, shows him and his crew running around in a fine display of cultural insensitivity which helps the world’s view of Americans immensely.

The only bright side is most of the people there are probably pitying him. This guy must have had a traumatic brain injury at some point in his life.

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3 years ago

Uh…. as someone who actually HAS had a traumatic brain injury and now has the resulting epilepsy & seizures to show for it – no. He’s just an idiot and a racist. I had my car totaled by some idiot never caught, a concussion so bad I’ve lost weeks of time I’ll never remember or get back, sometimes still lose time and have had to give up driving pretty much forever. Occasionally I’ll have a seizure and have to take meds permanently, deal with anger and frustration when I lose words and struggle to think clear (typing this out has… Read more »

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