Former ‘Glee’ Star Mark Salling Commits Suicide at 35

It took almost a month, but we have our first celebrity suicide of 2018.

Former Glee star Mark Salling was found dead at a little league field near a creek in Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles. TMZ reports that he may have hung himself.

Salling had previously attempted to kill himself back in August 2017 by cutting his wrists. He was currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to child pornography back in October after being arrested back in December 2015.

Salling had agreed to serve up to seven years in prison and register as a sex offender, which would have kept him 100 feet away from any public place frequented by children. The sentencing was scheduled to take place in March.

Back in 2013, Salling was accused of sexual assault, but settled out of court with the accuser.

Salling, 35, is best known for his role as “Puck” on Glee. In fact, that’s pretty much his only notable role. He released two albums that no one purchased.

I think it’s obvious why this happened. He chose death over jail. There’s no sense in looking into it further because that’s the answer. I’m sure plenty of stories will come out in the next few days about how troubled he was and I’m sure his former co-stars will send their condolences, but the dude had thousands of images of underage children on his computer. And instead of living with that guilt and facing years in jail, he decided to escape.

I guess it’s fitting that he was found dead at a little league field.

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