Mark Wahlberg Gives That $1.5 Million To Charity Because That’s The Only Thing He Could Do

In case you missed it, Mark Wahlberg was kind of a dick the other week. While Michelle Williams, Ridley Scott, and others did reshoots on All The Money in the World for free, Wahlberg got paid $1.5 million because Mark Wahlberg does not work for free.

After it got out that Wahlberg hustled $1.5 million out of the studio while others did it for free, Wahlberg had to do something to save face. So, he’s decided to donate his $1.5 million to the Time’s Up movement.

No one should be shocked by this development. This was Wahlberg’s only play. Either keep the money and be a dick. Or donate the money to charity and, still be a dick, but at least be a woke dick.

On top of the $1.5 million he’s donating, his agency, WME, is donating $500,000. That’s $2 million dollars heading to the Time’s Up movement. All of that money should go directly to Rose McGowan so she doesn’t have to sell her house to fight Harvey Weinstein.

In other All The Money in the World news, Ridley Scott revealed the fate of all that Kevin Spacey footage. Speaking to KCRW’s “The Business,” Scott said, “Who knows? The world is a strange place. In ten years time somebody might want to see it. That would be up to [producer] Dan [Friedkin] to say so. And I think you wait for this to clear, before you even think about that.”

Well, that doesn’t exactly clear anything up. Are we sure people really want to see that footage? Christopher Plummer is better than Kevin Spacey. Why would we want to watch an inferior version of the movie with the guy who likes underage boys?

I’ll pass.

Just give the footage to Wahlberg so he can sell it for $3 million. That guy clearly needs the money.

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