Matt Damon Is Going To Keep His Mouth Shut About Sexual Harassment Now

Did you know Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb still do that hour-long Today show in the middle of the afternoon and talk to celebrities while they’re both still drunk from lunch? It’s a lot of day-drinking, hints about day-drinking, and playful slapping of the back of the hand while saying “Oh, you’re so bad!”

Anyway, on yesterday’s Today, they took a break from giving tips on how to sneak a fifth of a gallon of Thunderbird into your kid’s soccer game or smiling big enough to hide how dead your eyes are to have a chat with Matt Damon about his Super Bowl ad plugging a s**t beer in exchange for donations to his actually very good clean water charity.

Kathy Lee asked Damon what he had learned from being caught up in the #MeToo thing for having an opinion people didn’t like without being accused of any sort of sexual misconduct, and he told her that he learned to keep his mouth shut.

It’s probably a good lesson, because even if what you actually say is absolutely right, people will still try to get you fired from your movie and then yell at me for agreeing with you and having nuanced opinions about a complex topic. People aren’t looking for nuance or to consider a different opinion from their own, they’re looking to have their views reflected back at them. So if your job is to act in movies and not to comment on culture on the internet, the smart move is just to say nothing at all.

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