Meet the Hot Train Conductor Who Got Railed by Her Employer

Note to anyone who has to work for “the man”. You’re likely being monitored. Most companies have a social media policy and if they find out that you’ve been complaining about your job or posting inappropriate photos, your ass is gone.

Such was the case for Stephanie Katelnikoff, a train conductor who got railed by her employer for posting photos like this:

They should promote this woman, not fire her.

Katelnikoff’s biggest mistake was taking photos of herself on the train tracks, which could imply that she was taking photos when she should have been working. Those photos have disappeared from her Instagram feed.

Back in 2014, she was fired by CP Rail after her suspected involvement in a derailment. She was cleared of any wrongdoing and it later came out that she was fired for filing a sexual harassment complaint against an employee. Why the hell would she want to go back to work for them after that?

Well, she went back, and now she’s unemployed again. Although her Instagram says she’s self-employed.

In 2016, she received a warning from the company for posting a YouTube video where she trashed the CEO.

Teamsters Canada, a union on the behalf of Katelnikoff, has filed a grievance following her dismissal.

Lawyer Drew Jarisz said, “I find it very difficult in this case to see how these racy images could impact the ability of CP to carry on business.” I agree. Use these images to promote your company. You’re only giving yourself bad publicity by firing a woman who likes to do this on Instagram:

Katelnikoff has said that working in the industry is her favorite job ever. Hey, she’s a woman who played with trains as a kid and followed those dreams into a respectable job. Can’t knock her there. She’s a boss for staying with a company that has fired her multiple times. She can probably get away with murder and they’ll be the boy who cried wolf at this point.

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