Megyn Kelly Is Pissed That Katie Couric Got a Job That Kelly Didn’t Want

The Winter Olympics are set to kick off on Feb. 9. Brush up on your curling knowledge, Americans.

NBC is the television host for Winter Olympics coverage. Mike Tirico will be the lead sports host, but the lead sports host is always joined by a known NBC talking head. This year, that talking head is Katie Couric, who replaces Matt Lauer as the lead anchor who acts like they understand what’s going on, but knows nothing.

And this pisses Megan Kelly off. Maybe.

According to a Page Six source, Kelly is angry that Couric got the gig over her. The source says that Kelly was adamant that she would not have to do “special coverage” of events like parades and the Olympics. In fact, it was written into her contract that she would not have to cover these special events. But when Lauer was fired, she figured she would be called upon to replace him.

When she wasn’t given the job, she loudly complained to her staff and her agent, in hopes that NBC News chairman Andrew Lack would listen. The source goes on to say that Lack heard, but didn’t care, dismissing Kelly’s complaints and labeling her a “diva.”

So, like, why was she pissed off that they went with Couric?

Well, according to a NBC News insider, she’s not. The News insider claims that there is “zero truth” to the story and that “the opening ceremony is the least desirable gig in broadcasting.” The insider also says that Lack has never called her, or anyone else, a diva.

This all sounds so stupid. Megyn Kelly. Katie Couric. The ghost of Matt Lauer. It doesn’t matter. We all know that the token NBC host doesn’t actually know anything about sports and it’s always a struggle. Lauer sucked for years, trying to pretend he knew anything about sports.

Kelly should be thankful she didn’t get the gig. Because Couric is going to be roasted for her lack of knowledge and awkward interviews.

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