Mike Tyson Opening Up Weed Resort Because Why Wouldn’t He?

Mike Tyson is in a position where he can do whatever the hell he wants and it’s acceptable because he’s Mike Tyson. The dude owns tigers, alright. If Mike Tyson wanted to bring a giraffe as his wedding date, no one is going to say anything. We’re going to laugh, call Mike Tyson crazy and awesome, and continue to act like it’s normal for a man to bring a giraffe as a wedding date.

Mike Tyson wants to open up a weed resort.

Ok, that actually is awesome.

According to The Blast, Tyson broke ground on a 40-acre plot that’s now going to be known as “Tyson Ranch,” home of weed so good, you’ll bite your ear off.

Tyson, along with business partners Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen, have the blessing of mayor Jennifer Wood. Of course they do, she’s about to bring in a ton of money for the city thanks to these three.

Half of the land will be dedicated to growers and half to showers.

Cultivation facilities will give growers control of the environment, allowing them to grow the best weed possible. And if you just want to get stoned, that’s what the other half of the resort is for. Here’s a list of what’s included:

Hydro-feed plant and supply store
Extraction facility
Edible factory
Premium “glamping” campgrounds and cabins

Yup. Get stoned, listen to music, and then sleep. Tyson is basically opening a 24/7 Woodstock.

The resort is near Edwards Air Force Base and many veterans will be part of the staff. So, Mike Tyson is not only opening what sounds like the best place in the world, he’s giving veterans jobs as well? Let’s just go ahead and make Mike Tyson the president.

There is no timeframe for the opening of “Tyson Ranch.” I assume it’s going to be awhile because Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can’t rush perfection.

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Grass Routes Travels
5 years ago

I didn’t know iron mike smoked cannabith

5 years ago

He’ll smoke the product and go broke.