Milo Yiannopoulos’ Black Dick Jokes Don’t Go Over Well

Milo Yiannopoulos desperately wants to be known by the mononym Milo. Generally you need to be famous for a mononym to catch on, like Penn & Teller or Cher or Madonna, not someone who got fired by Breitbart whose last name is a bit difficult to spell. If this birdbrain still went by the name Milo Wagner, no one would be calling him Milo. I’m pretty sure that when you say the name Milo, more people think ‘and Otis’ than ‘Yiannopoulos’.

Unless you’re an always-online type, you’re probably not familiar with Yiannopoulos, who is mostly famous for getting kicked off of Twitter for being mean to Leslie Jones and writing for Breitbart until they fired him for saying having sex with 13-year-olds is probably fine. He also did a speaking tour to college campuses, which generally attracted more idiots causing trouble trying to shut the events down than it did idiots who wanted to listen to him speak.

So here’s why Yiannopoulos is in the news today; he’s suing Simon and Schuster for not publishing his book, and Simon and Schuster entered the entire manuscript, along with notes from editor Michell Ivers, into evidence. It is exhibit B and the defendants are using it to illustrate that the manuscript Yiannopoulos turned in was unpublishable garbage.

Anyway, pieces of the manuscript have been floating around Twitter, specifically the notes his editor made.

By the way, I heard from an anonymous source that this isn’t an act or just something Yiannopoulos does as part of a public persona, he’s actually like this in real life. The first note on his manuscript was “be careful that the egotistical boasting that your young audience finds humorous doesn’t make you seem juvenile to other readers,” but it’s not just playful joking, that’s really who he is, not just who he pretends to be.

“Notes from Milo’s editor” is already a meme.

Writer Jesse Singal made a very good point about how we shouldn’t be making fun of Milo for how terribly his book is, because he didn’t actually write it.

This is absolutely true, by the way, and probably the reason Yiannopoulos is suing Simon and Schuster for dropping his book even though he got to keep $80,000 of his advance; he reportedly paid Bokhari $100,000 to write it.

So what did Milo have to say about the release of these notes by an editor who has worked with conservatives like Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham and James O’Keefe, all of whom managed to get publishable manuscripts turned in to Threshold Editions, Simon and Schuster’s conservative imprint?

“Mitchell Ivers, the liberal gay editor Simon & Schuster put in charge of neutering its edgier conservative authors, hates Republicans and thinks they are all virulent homophobes. He told me so himself,” Mr Yiannopoulos claimed in a statement on social media.

“Ivers said one thing in manuscript edits, but quite another when he was giggling and flirting with me …. I look forward to prevailing in court.”

Yes, he hates conservatives so much that he publishes all of Rush Limbaugh’s books, all of Glenn Beck’s books, all of… maybe he does hate conservatives. But if he really hated conservatives and wanted to make them look foolish, he probably would have published Milo’s book, too.

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