Orange Man Baby Releases ‘Fake News Awards’ for Meanies

How great is it that it’s 2018 and Donald Trump is using his time in office to create a burn book of people who were mean to him. That’s a rhetorical question, of course.

On Wednesday, Trump released his “Fake News Awards”. The ones he promised to give out to all the people and organizations who were mean to him.

The results were posted on the GOP website which I’d say devalues it, but, common. The full list of winners include NYT’s Paul Krugman, ABC News’ Brian Ross, CNN, TIME, Washington Post and Newsweek.

The complaints were mostly about crowd sizes, bust removals, overfeeding Japanese fish and handshakes. Basically stupid s**t that would get under no normal person’s nerves. But Trump isn’t your average person. His ego is bigger than his love for threesomes with porn stars.

Naturally, he ended the awards by writing, “THERE IS NO COLLUSION!” You can tell it’s true because it’s all in caps.

On one hand, this seems like an incredible waste of time from an active president. On the other hand, do you really want to see this guy try to understand policy and give valid opinions? The White House must be thrilled Trump spent so much time on this. This was probably the equivalent of giving a 2-year-old a coloring book and crayons to keep them busy while the adults talk.

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3 years ago

Gotta call out the corrupt biased media. If you’re payingattention it gets pretty disgusting.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jigga

Amen to that jiggy =]

Clearly bobby mike is just another boot licker.

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