Paul Sorvino, Father of the Year, Threatens to Kill Harvey Weinstein

What would you say if you found out that a movie producer had tried to destroy your daughter’s career because she wouldn’t sleep with him? If you’re Paul Sorvino, and TMZ asks you what you’d do, the answer is “I’ll kill the motherfucker”. Which is pretty much exactly what you’d expect Paul Sorvino to say.

In case you missed it, Peter Jackson admitted a few weeks ago that he wanted to cast Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd in Lord of the Rings, but was told by Miramax, Weinstein’s first production company which was involved in early production for Lord of the Rings, told Jackson that the actresses were “a nightmare” to work with and he should cast someone else, which Jackson eventually did. Apparently Harvey Weinstein’s definition of a nightmare is when an actress doesn’t blow you.

Jackson’s assertion that Mira Sorvino was blacklisted by Harvey Weinstein was backed up by Terry Zwigoff, who tweeted that he wanted to cast her in Bad Santa but the Weinsteins just hung up the phone every time he mentioned her name.

Paul Sorvino is not pleased with this. When asked for his feelings on this turn of events, he told a TMZ, while putting his groceries in his car, that “If I would answer you, I might put everybody in jeopardy. But if I meet him in the street… he ought to hope he goes to jail, because if he comes across (me), I think he’ll be lying on the floor. Somehow. Magically.”

Sorvino went on to add “this pig will get his comeuppance. The law will get him, he’s gonna go to jail and die in jail. But if doesn’t… Harvey, come here. I have some news for you. I’ll just slap him around, I won’t do anything terrible.”

If you’ve seen Goodfellas, you know Paul Sorvino can handle a stint in the joint. He’d just pass the time by slicing garlic with a razor blade for prison sauce. So he’s got nothing to lose if he does cross paths with Weinstein.

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3 years ago

That wasn’t Sorvino slicing the garlic in “GoodFellas”; but you don’t need to be a mobster or even an actor playing one to want to kill that POS Harvey Weinstein for what he did to Mira Sorvino. You just have to be a dad.

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