Rose McGowan Is Good at Making Friends

One unhappy camper during the Golden Globes was Rose McGowan who basically called the all black red carpet “fake and gay.” Probably not in those exact words because this is 2018.

Asia Argento credited McGowan for giving her the courage to speak up about her own harassment and McGowan was pretty pissed. Not at Argento but at pretty much everyone who kept quiet and didn’t lift a finger. *Cough*Meryl Streep*cough*

It kind of makes sense considering Streep worked with Harvey Weinstein and once called him a “god” and once gave kid rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation.

In related news, McGowan has a new series coming out soon.

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Ed Miller

I read Kaley Cuoco, and not Blake Lively, as “the replacement” in the Blind Gossip piece.


She settled a lawsuit with Weinstein in 1997, but posed sexily with just him at a party in 2007 and other parties after that. I don’t understand her thinking if he really raped her 10 years before that.


How could it be retaliation if the warrant was issued nine months ago? The reason everyone found out about it today is that Rose McGowan made a tweet about it. It looks as though the reason Rose came forward about Weinstein was because she knew she would be facing criminal prosecution soon and wanted some good PR first.

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