Your Sex Life Is About to Get Hotter With Blockchain

What’s hotter than picking a girl up at a bar, heading home, tearing through each other’s clothes like a hungry animal and doing it? Filling in your likes and dislikes on an app and telling the other person to swipe left or right on each of them to verify consent before taking your clothes off and awkwardly looking at each other while wondering what to do next. So hot!

Blockchain company LegalThings is creating an app called LegalFling which aims to allow partners to tell each other what they are and aren’t comfortable doing. So if they swiped left at butt stuff, don’t even try to slip it in there. The info will be put on the blockchain which is decentralized which means no one can alter the contract.

Naturally, it doesn’t take into account into the fact people can change their minds in the middle of sex but whatever. It’s 2018. It’s all about the blockchain now. Who cares that there’s so many questions left unanswered. Blockchain! Crypto! This app sounds less sexy than putting honey on your dick and swinging it around in a bear’s den, but I’m sure the buzzwords will get these guys a $5 million valuation.

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