Taylor Swift’s New Concert Has Sold Fewer Tickets Than She Has Ex-Boyfriends

Taylor Swift is on tour promoting her new album Reputation, and she has found an ingenious way to fight scalpers; just sell the tickets for more than people are willing to pay for them in the first place. Tay Tay and Ticketmaster have teamed up to bring you $500 seats to listen to a pop star regurgitate songs about how hard it is to be a serial monogamist.

Remember when Pearl Jam went to fucking war with Ticketmaster over a $3 service charge? Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament testified before Congress that it was an unfair business practice and the band tried (and ultimately failed) to book a tour only in venues that didn’t rely on Ticketmaster to book sets, because they didn’t want their fans to have to pay more than around $20 for concert tickets.

Pearl Jam lost their battle with Ticketmaster, and now if you buy a $50 t-shirt you’ll get moved up to the front of a digital line for seats that cost roughly one mortgage payment each. Jesus, if it’s that hard to get Taylor Swift tickets, what do they make you do to see a good band like U2?

According to a story in the New York Post, Swift’s strategy of cutting out scalpers by charging scalper-level prices herself and making fans compete for the right to buy them has backfired and most of Swift’s upcoming concerts still have seats available.

“Sales so far have been a mega disappointment,” one music industry insider told The Post. “There are hundreds if not thousands of tickets left for every show.”

Remember when Taylor sued that douche for squeezing her ass for one dollar because it wasn’t about the money? Turns out she plans to make up for the windfall she missed out by squeezing every last dime out of her fans, which has basically been the endgame of the corporate-controlled music industry anyway.

The best/worst part of this whole debacle is that after Taylor’s biggest fans had her name tattooed on their forehead or whatever to move up three spots in the ticket queue, Ticketmaster is essentially slashing prices on unsold tickets in an effort to move them, and seats that are better than the ones her mega-fans had to jump through hoops to get at being sold to general public at lower prices. But at least you didn’t have to pay extortionate prices to a scalper raising money for his kids’ Christmas presents, you got to pay twice that price to a millionaire singer and a giant corporation instead.

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